Blogging Guidelines

Why Blog?
Blogging turns a project from an inactive space into an interactive space. It allows for conversations that lead to learning from peers. Responses to blogs should be deep reflections and sometimes involve research; especially if you are responding in a way that allows someone else to experience something for the first time. For example “This picture reminds me of Ansel Adam’s landscape work because it is so intense in its contrast between black and white.” You may or may not know who Ansel Adams is; now you have been exposed to this name. Providing a link to his work would be helpful to those who do not know a fact you have mentioned. Working together to give constructive criticism is a great way to further all our knowledge about photography.

When you post:

  • Think about Who are you as a blogger?
    • Is what I am saying a good representation of who I am as a person?
    • How does this comment affect my digital footprint?
    • Does what I am saying keep my private information and those of my classmates private?
    • Am I being positive and constructive?
    • Am I sharing something that might make someone else feel uncomfortable?
    • Am I using correct language and punctuation?
    • Have I checked my post/comment for errors?
    • If I have given factual information- have I cited my sources?
    • Is what I am saying truthful and unbiased? Have I said something positive before I give constructive criticism?
    • Am I staying on the topic of the blog?
    • Did I read through all the other comments to make sure I am not repeating something that has already been said?
    • Is what I am saying meaningful and specific enough that the author gets good feedback from me?
    • Did I ask any clarifying questions?
    • Did I think about my tone, content and conventions in my post?

Helpful hints when blogging:

Comment Starters:
• This made me think about…
• This is important to see because…
• What I find most interesting is…
• It is important to consider…
• I can relate to this picture because…
• I was reminded of when…
• I don’t understand…
• This reminds me of…

“THINK” before you post
• T= is it True?
• H= is it Helpful?
• I= is it Inspiring?
• N= is it necessary?
• K= is it Kind?

 Tell them something you like about their work
 Ask them a question
 Give a suggestion

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