This assignment has students looking for interesting ways to capture reflections.  It does not have to be of a person- it can be a landscape with reflections, an interesting shot in a mirror, or some other reflective material.  Look for the UNUSUAL!

Personal Still Life

Students will create a still life according to the set up instructions given in the PowerPoint lecture.  The items must be personal to them and must mean something together.  Lighting plays a big part in the success of this picture as well as the placement of the objects together.

Self Portrait

Think about what you want to say about yourself and how you fit into this world we live in.  You are going to use the timer on the camera and capture a shot of yourself that reflects something you feel.  There are a million emotions you can feel- joy, sadness, anger, bored, excited, and so many more.  Show me how you feel in a personal way.  Remember it does not have to show your face (if your camera shy) it is a reflection of you and your feelings.  Think outside the box on this one and blow me away.  Post 3 rules of composition you used int his photo.

Long Exposure

You are going to use a slow shutter speed and capture movement.  Here the car lights become blurred together while the scenery stays static.  You can light paint or pan with your subject to blurr the background for this photo.  Make sure you list 3 rules of composition in your post.